Live like a native ...

Feel, taste, smell and see the real life of Karpathos.

Come to Karpathos to experience the authentic Greek way of life. Be prepared for the unexpected, on an island that is still virgin, that is protected by the unwritten laws and traditions. A pure land in South Aegean Sea, miles away from crowds and mass tourism.

Enjoy the 6-day ecotourism adventure, where you will be able to walk on the scenic, paved paths of the island, dive in the crystal-clear waters of the spotless, turquoise beaches, discover new species of flora and fauna that you have never seen before. Admire the Karpathian protected area consistent of many rare species of animals and plants.

How would it sound to you baking traditional Κarpathian bread in traditional ovens with local women that still wear the traditional outfit they inherited from their grandmothers? Would you like to wear the traditional scarf that will bring luck to you? Or try the famous macarounes and the melted handmade “loukoumades” with sesame and honey from the area?

If you come to Karpathos late August, another surprise is waiting for you. It is included in the 6-day package of ecotourism. Go along with the locals to the harvest of the vine. See how the grape, turns into a red, tasty wine that accompanies the feasts and festivals of the island.

But if you prefer winter tourism, we also have the solution for you. Another ecotourism package to live the unsurpassed experience of collecting olives in cooperation with locals. We will provide you with all the equipment you will need. Your meals will vary and will be traditionally cooked as the locals do. At the end you will take the one and only virgin olive oil that has just been grounded from the olives that you had previously collected.

Moreover, the real treasure from this island, beyond the beautiful memories, is the experience you will gain from your companionship with the locals. You will talk to the village priest, the president of the village, the policeman, you will even have a chat with the cook of the restaurant you will eat, even with the one who makes the traditional instruments, you will dance local dances and you will get drank tasting ouzo and wine in a picturesque café, singing about your love.

This is our life, come and taste it


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