Goat Gourmet - Cheese Production

Goat Gourmet - Cheese Production

Karpathos is an island based on livestock farming. In the oldest years, the locals lived exclusively by the sale of animals and products related to animals such as cheese or milk. Today, only a few families live this way. Each one of these families has a few goats and produces milk. The cheese is made at home from the fresh milk that has milled and is cured in special cages until it becomes hard and gets salty.

This package gives you the opportunity to learn how to milk, see the fresh milk and the whole process that is always followed in a traditional way so that it can be consumed and finally we will show you the secret way of how this milk turns into traditional Carpathian cheese. Of course, it will be given to you for your own enjoyment

The package includes 5 days stay in a luxury hotel, transportation, activity, all meals, museum tickets and taxes.