On Karpathos there are more than 30 engraved paths that you can follow and enjoy a beautiful route. The landscape is constantly changing and this is the magic of Karpathian nature. Rocks on one side with high peaks and turquoise virgin beaches on the other side, where you can swim in crystal clear waters. Any way you choose to go, you will enjoy the natural scenery and biodiversity as many animals and birds have their nests.

Moreover, the route will be rich in the observation of the architecture of the areas you will cross and you will be able to gather all sorts of herbs that are abundant in the Carpathian nature. A package that will be accompanied by our expert guide and a fantastic exercise for your health and fitness and rejuvenation. We only recommend that you avoid hiking in July and August due to the heat and high temperatures on the island. WARNING: If you have a health problem, you have to declare it for your own safety.

The package includes 5 days stay in a luxury hotel, transportation, activity, all meals, museum tickets and taxes.